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Hold Up!

2009-11-11 21:34:48 by TripleJx3

Ok Woah there people! what the hell is going on?
Why is Pregnancy and Jobs so popular? This is baffling me and Tez. Ok it was on the front page and got daily second place, that might explain the 16,000 views it got originally but at the time of writing this it now has... WOAH SHIT ITS GONE UP 200 views! In 10 minutes its gone from 29,333 to 29,529.
I know we should be appreciative but COME ON!! We've BOTH done things alot better than that!
What you are doing to me and tez is kicking us in the face, we worked HARD on our other stuff and you like THIS!?
Come on this should at least be getting my Jim Learns cartoons a few more thousand views!?

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Hold Up!


2009-11-01 11:22:43 by TripleJx3

Well fuck I've only gone and written the official Jim 5 script, something that everone I know seems to have been bugging me about for nearly a year. I wrote 2 other Jim 5's but they arent really worth animating or even mentioning that I had written them, but this one is the final version and it came to me completly unexpectedly, almost in a dream (I was very tired).

Heres a snippet of the up and coming bout of bunny informaty and 50's style crazyness.

This is Jim, Hello Jim!

My what an impressive pair of sunglasses you have there Jim.
Its almost like you dont want to to be recognised.
Is this because you have become amazingly famous and in high demand from the general public?

*Jim nods and gulps down rediculous looking alcoholic beverage*

Coming Soon!


2008-11-07 20:08:02 by TripleJx3

Before I start I'd just like to say I've been getting a lot of people asking me to do voices for their animations and I think I should say I only really get involved with things that I personally think is a good idea and are animated to a good standard. So if you can sell your idea to me and tell me the role you'd like me to play instead of telling me you'd like me to do a voice for you and give me no details of the role, I'm not gonna do it. I would like a script or a link directly to the script so I dont have to find it and a description of how you want the character to sound... Cos those things are helpful you see


Some of you may already know that I was temping as the Junior Video Editor at the eco site Greenvoice which if you dont know its an online platform for supporting various camaigns that are eco friendly.

Well they suddenly decided to give me a Job... A paying job, I'm now Media Content Editor of Greenvoice. I feel all official. I make £7.50 an hour and work a maximum of 40 hours a week (minimum 10 hours) HOW GREAT IS THAT!

My years of college that actually went to nothing... DIDNT.
I now have my own MacBook to edit the videos on instead of borrowing Hazels, how I loath the MacBook! Obviously built to look good as it has yet to surprise me with its ability to compress a video to smaller than 1 gig.
I have my own desk now, well technically I had since I started but now its definatly my desk. Im glad there are a lot of plugs in the desk too as there is alot I need plugged in all at once sometimes such as the Mac, Bob the 300 Gig External Hard drive and my personal laptop which I tend to use if I need something animated or to do something the Mac cant... Like... Be more practical than it is good looking.

Which brings me onto my small list of Programs that are on my CV and that I can help you people with if you are stuck or need tutoring on... I mean come on, I DID teach my Flash tutor how to use Flash... So Flash obviously, Xara X1, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Wave Pad which I use for my audio recording and now Final Cut Pro for you mac users out there

Any problems with them, I'm right here

I love being the person who knows
*sigh* I hate me...

Jim 4

2008-10-18 15:44:25 by TripleJx3

Well after weeks and weeks of procrastination and having something better to do I finally got around to creating Jim 4: Jim Fights Evil. A lot went wrong with the audio on this one since I had to reinstall Wavepad and my settings got deleted

But here it is up and ready for your unfeeling eyes to criticize the sound even though I have stated something went wrong with it!

Jim 4

Jim 3

2008-09-22 08:23:56 by TripleJx3

I never actually thought I'd get a 3rd one done but some weirdo Harry Potter style magic happened at me and it got done

Jim Drinks Tea is up for a Emmy next year and will feature in Vogue for some reason next to someone with transparent skin and obese lips

Jim 3


2008-08-19 17:56:24 by TripleJx3

I'm surprised at the award I got for Jim Learns Mathematization, and I thank you all for liking it so much...

I am currently in a bit of a pickle job wise, but I have written and recorded Jim 3's audio so that's on its way.
The problem is I spent 4 years at college doing Multimedia only to find out now that there aren't any readily available jobs for it and its not as if I learned much in college... I was teaching the tutors some of the time and helping everyone else when they got stuck in flash. (I pick up programs very quickly)
I keep getting rejected for jobs I can actually do cos they found someone better.

I recently got a voluntary job as a video editor for Greenvoice in London, but I need MONEY DAMMIT!


My Newgrounds Debut

2008-08-09 23:22:57 by TripleJx3

Look at me I'm on NG, yet another step in my acronym vocabulary along with DA, SJ and YT.
Ive never had anything good to show anyone here and on finding out people can have it removed just for being crap I began to worry about ever being on here. But now I actually have something worth watching!

Which is fantabby crabsticks