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2009-11-01 11:22:43 by TripleJx3

Well fuck I've only gone and written the official Jim 5 script, something that everone I know seems to have been bugging me about for nearly a year. I wrote 2 other Jim 5's but they arent really worth animating or even mentioning that I had written them, but this one is the final version and it came to me completly unexpectedly, almost in a dream (I was very tired).

Heres a snippet of the up and coming bout of bunny informaty and 50's style crazyness.

This is Jim, Hello Jim!

My what an impressive pair of sunglasses you have there Jim.
Its almost like you dont want to to be recognised.
Is this because you have become amazingly famous and in high demand from the general public?

*Jim nods and gulps down rediculous looking alcoholic beverage*

Coming Soon!


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2009-11-01 11:27:08

That does sound nice.

Say, no Girly-Fans around Jim trying to have some "Piece" of him?


2009-11-01 16:24:03

Your cartoons are lovely, I'll be looking forward to this new one.


2009-11-01 19:44:59

i love your sense of humor. can't wait! i'm also glad they are on youtube so i can embed them on my friends pages..


2009-11-08 01:07:56

Hey, your that faggot furry from SJ.
Don't shoot the messenger, or something?

TripleJx3 responds:

I'd have to say that is quite an accurate recollection of me yes