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2008-08-19 17:56:24 by TripleJx3

I'm surprised at the award I got for Jim Learns Mathematization, and I thank you all for liking it so much...

I am currently in a bit of a pickle job wise, but I have written and recorded Jim 3's audio so that's on its way.
The problem is I spent 4 years at college doing Multimedia only to find out now that there aren't any readily available jobs for it and its not as if I learned much in college... I was teaching the tutors some of the time and helping everyone else when they got stuck in flash. (I pick up programs very quickly)
I keep getting rejected for jobs I can actually do cos they found someone better.

I recently got a voluntary job as a video editor for Greenvoice in London, but I need MONEY DAMMIT!



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2008-09-13 13:01:32

Wow. That sucks. Well at least you have Jim.


2008-09-17 21:52:35

No, give me a job, ye heap of shale.


2008-09-20 19:28:14

I saw cuboy...and it was absolutly great, dude. Get back to me on if you want to help on Out of Order or not as soon as possible.